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The proper siding installation or repair services can help business owners improve their property’s visual appeal. Besides boosting your business or home’s exterior, siding helps protect against air leaks by providing additional insulation.

Trying to run a business while worrying about your siding can be challenging. At Pinnacle Roofing and Restoration, our Jackson window and siding company can eliminate this stress. We proudly serve the Jackson, MS, community by being the best company in the siding industry.

From minor vinyl siding damage repairs to a new siding installation, you can trust our contractors to deliver ace services.

Our Vinyl Siding Replacement or Installation Service

Our team works with many siding types, with the most popular siding replacement option being vinyl. Homeowners and businesses alike seek out vinyl siding products due to their low maintenance, enhanced durability, and siding styles like:

Vinyl siding panels also feature excellent energy efficiency and come in multiple colors. Besides vinyl siding materials, our team provides other siding options like wood composite and stone.

Business owners may prefer a wood composite siding installation due to its rustic look. Wood composite combines different materials, resulting in durable siding that retains the natural look of wood while avoiding problems like rot.

Meanwhile, stone can also provide a rustic and natural look to your business or home. For siding materials, a new installation using stone is sure to entice new customers.


Our Siding Repair Service

Installing new siding is an investment, but repairing existing siding might be a better alternative. For siding in Jackson, MS, our team never pressures you into a new construction when siding repairs are possible.

Regular Siding Maintenance and Inspections

Our roofing and siding services include regular inspections and maintenance. Our team can inspect your siding and catch problems early on. This service helps business owners save money in the long run, as they can avoid expensive repairs or replacements.

We recommend business owners have our team inspect their siding at least twice a year. We can also inspect your gutters and roofing system.

What Are the Warning Signs That You Need Repairs or a Replacement?

Some signs indicating you need to repair or replace your old siding include:

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When business owners need the best commercial siding services, our Pinnacle Roofing and Restoration team is eager to help. We work with businesses of various sizes and can enhance your property.

Jackson, MS, business owners can call our team at 601-669-8491 for a free estimate!