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A Dependable Metal Roofing Company Brandon, MS

Pinnacle Roofing and Restoration has an established reputation as the premier exterior services company in Brandon, MS, but did you know we are also an innovative metal roofing company? Many homes in our community have traditional designs and architecture, but 21st-century homeowners are giving our old town a new style by upgrading to metal roofing.

Have you considered the benefits of metal roofing for your home? If not, now is the time!

The Benefits of Metal Roofing Systems

People in Paris thought nobody would ever get used to the Eiffel Tower when it first went up over a century ago. Metal roofs have a more distinctive look than the roofs than many of our customers are used to, but residential metal roofing projects are a growing trend for our metal roofing company.

Metal roofing lasts longer and offers better home protection than asphalt and wooden shingles. Standing seam metal roofs are especially resistant to storm damage because each adjacent roof panel covers and protects the screws of the panel next to it.

Like tile roofing, you can get metal roofing in many beautiful colors to complement your shutters and siding. Homeowners often prefer warm, inviting colors or the natural look of copper.

Business owners can match the roof color to their style, logo, or brand. For a sleek, modern style, choose a low-maintenance metal like copper, aluminum, or steel for their commercial roofing project.

Metal roofing reflects the sunlight and radiates heat from your attic into the air. Once you have a new metal roof on your home or business, you will probably notice your air conditioning bills going down and your air quality going up.

Metal Roof Installation Brandon, MS

At Pinnacle Roofing and Restoration, we provide homeowners with a wide variety of metal roofing options for their roof installation projects. Your new roof, made of exquisite copper, stainless steel, or rustproof aluminum, can last a lifetime. Read our customer reviews to learn more about our reputation as a metal roofing company.


Repairing Metal Roofs Brandon, MS

Metal is a durable roofing material for residential and commercial use, but with the passing of the seasons, the wind, and the rain, even the strongest roofing shows its age after a while.

If you need to repair metal roofing in Brandon, MS, we are here for you. We can fix flashing, replace bent roof panels, remove corrosion, and more.

If you are recovering from storm damage, talk to us about your home repair project. Let us take care of your home restoration project while we fix your roof.

Metal Roofing Company - Pinnacle Roofing and Restoration

How to Extend the Life of Your Metal Roof

We want all our customers to get the most benefit from the quality roofing we install. Once we finish your installation project, let us keep your building looking its best through a comprehensive maintenance and lifetime protection plan.

Call Pinnacle Roofing and Restoration for Metal Roofing Solutions

Our mission at Pinnacle Roofing and Restoration is to transform the face of our hometown with beautiful quality roofing that enhances curb appeal and increases home value. Our work and materials exceed the industry standards for metal roofing, making us the most sought-after metal roofing contractor in Brandon, MS.

Check the roof and home visualizer on our website to see what your home or business could look like with a metal roof.

Pinnacle Roofing and Restoration is your neighborhood source for quality metal roofing and an industry leader for metal roof installation in Brandon, MS. Call us at 601-669-8491 to learn more about our metal roofing company and the possibilities for metal roofing on your house or commercial building. Ask us about our tile roof options as well.